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Adidas ID2 Goggles

The ID2 a162 has been around for a couple of seasons, so it's tried and tested and a firm favourite of the die hard skier. This season Adidas have added some new luscious colours and you can even style your own, with the style your own kit.

Adidas lens technology gives the wearer maximum peripheral vision and minimises distortion, whilst keeping colours natural with their neutral filters. The lenses available with the ID2 are LST Active, LST active light and LST bright, depending upon the array purchased. The tint used with LST lenses will preserve natural colours and give excellent definition in varying light conditions. LST Active lenses harmonizes extreme light fluctuations, which makes it extremely effective when light changes rapidly, like when going from light to shadow, it works best in medium to bright light. LST active bright lenses are slightly lighter than LST active lenses, they are a good choice if you want to ski in goggles all day as the lens covers a broader lighting spectrum, they will do all lighting conditions adequately, just not excel at any one condition. LST Bright works by enhancing contrast when lighting levels are low, so are ideal in fog, low cloud or when snowing. All Adidas lenses offer 100% UV protection.

The Adidas ID2 is compatible for wear with a helmet and has an adjustable, siliconized strap to ensure a secure fit. This model also uses the Adidas Climacool ventilation system, which is a dynamic ventilation system, ensuring air is directed in a way, that it does not make contact with the eye. Along side this, special patented Nano-Foam is used, which has a hydrophobic surface to control moisture and prevent fogging. Fit wise, the ID2 offers a deeper lens shape and size.

If you need a spectacle prescription, this model is available with a prescription insert, to ensure a smooth run down the slopes. The prescription sits in an insert behind the front lens and in front of the face foam, the insert is removable, for those who perhaps wear contact lenses occasionally. Adidas performance inserts are designed to fit Adidas goggles, so the fit is secure without any movement. The insert also gives clear vision without having to have a pair of spectacles under the goggle, which can cause pressure and discomfort to the wearer on the temples and behind the ears.

If purchasing a prescription pair of goggles, it is recommended to check the prescription will be compensated, to allow for the extra curvature of the insert. Adidas have a special calculator working out how much the prescription needs to be changed by. Another important consideration is that the lenses are centred for you, rather than to an average centration, if the lenses are not centred or the prescription compensated, it can lead to distortion, especially in peripheral vision. Check that any correction to the lenses is being done by a qualified person, such as a Registered Dispensing Optician.

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