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The Benefits Of Watching Plastic Surgery Videos

One of the best ways to prepare you for any plastic surgery is to watch videos of the operation being performed. This will give you a clear picture of what will happen, and also set your mind at ease, knowing exactly what is going on. During the actual surgery, you will probably be zonked out on anesthesia, so this is a great way to see what the doctor is doing.

Plastic surgeons recommend this strongly. In fact, many will tell you that you shouldn't have work done without seeing it first. It's a little like the "before and after" pictures. Seeing them gives the patient a good idea of what to expect, both during and after.

There are tons of sites online where you can see them being performed. Typing in "plastic surgery videos" will give you loads of sights that may or may not have anything to do with what you want, so here are some places to get started looking.

Try Youtube

Where can you see episodes of your favorite TV shows, celebrity embarrassments, homeless people fighting each other, cats saying "I love you" AND a whole slew of videos? That's right, the one and only Youtube.

Youtube is a sight where users can post their own clips, and there are definitely some odd fish out there. But that's not why we are there; Youtube is full of great ones. Simply type into the "search" field whatever process you'd like to see, and there will be days of operation viewing for you to peruse.

There is also one on Google, which works like Youtube. Just don't get distracted clicking on the little side bar, or you'll end up watching funny baby clips instead of your future procedure.

Specialized Sites

There are a few great sites offering nothing but operation clips. One of the best is streamingsurgeries. There, you can click on whichever operation you'd like to see, and it will show you what it has. This site says proudly that it's not funded by Google advertising, and it's not trying to get you to buy anything.

Other sites, like seesurgery, offer samples of complete process. You can also go to many websites for plastic surgery clinics, where they will have videos for you to watch.

The Internet is a truly wonderful thing. You can spend night after night surfing the web watching operation videos. Not that it's a particularly good idea, but you get the idea. There are plenty of clips to see, no matter what work you're getting done. Get some popcorn ready and get comfy!

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