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Air Curtains - Potential Threats To American Economy

First of all, what exactly is an air curtain? Many of us have never heard of the term before, much less know what its definition is or what it signifies to our country's economic growth.
An air curtain is actually a stream of air directed across a doorway, usually to prevent drafts or something of the sort.
But in our discussion today, we use the term air curtain as an economic figure of speech.
Rather than give a complicated definition of the economic air curtain, it would be much simpler to give you a brief but informative summary of what is going on in today's economy all over the world.
After reading through this article, you will then know what an air curtain is, and you can determine for yourself if those so-called air curtains do pose a real threat to our nation's economy.
For the more business-inclined reader, you are probably aware that the United States of America is the second largest economy in the world right now.
The European Union takes the first place in economic standing, while China is trailing not too far behind the United States at a very close third place.
You might say that second place is not bad at all.
But according to economic analysts all over the country, America is about to go down, unless drastic measures are taken fast.
Netherlands, England, and other European governments are taking extreme measures to maintain their top spot in the world market.
Asian countries are also fighting to reach the top.
These countries are no longer just air curtains that you feel pushing for the top - they are now real contenders and it is very possible for them to overtake the US in the race for the world economic title.
We have already mentioned that China is the country with the third largest economy.
A few decades ago, this nation may have been merely an air curtain, but that is not the case anymore.
China now has the manpower, skills and technology to surpass America in being the world's number one richest country.
There are other countries that for now are still air curtains [http://www.
com/category/air-curtain], where we can feel them coming but we do not actually see them yet.
But these countries still pose an imminent threat to our nation's economic standing.
In a few years time, India will be more aggressively seeking economic growth.
So will Japan, which, for a long time now, has been on the forefront of technological innovations.

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