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Medicare Sign Up: Why You Should Get One

Being healthy inside and out should be prioritized by many people nowadays. We can do a lot of things if we are healthy like exploring new things, discovering new things or simply spending more time with family and loved ones. Life is a lot brighter knowing that we have good health. But then again, not getting ill or having diseases these days might seem impossible. For families who have low-income, this is a big thing and we should always be ahead of time. Be prepared!

Here are the must-know information about Medicare and its significance and benefits which can help your family to save money and for quick recovery of your loved ones.

Medicare is a federally health insurance program of the United States of America for its senior citizens (65 years and older), people with congenital medical conditions or permanent disability and people of all-ages with End-of-Stage Renal diseases that requires dialysis or a transplant.

Medicare has four major parts: Part A, Part B (these are both called Original Medicare as well) Part C (Medical Advantage) and Part D (Prescription Drugs). In Medicare Part A, the majority does not have to pay anything while in Medicare Part B, the majority will have to pay monthly.

€ Part A, or also called Hospital Insurance. It helps you pay for hospital stays, nursing facility, home health care and end-of-life care. The majority automatically acquire a Part A when they turn 65 years of age. You can verify that you have Part A if you have a red, white and blue Medicare card and printed with "HOSPITAL (PART A)".

€ Part B, or also called Medical Insurance, will help you pay for physician services, OPD or out-patient services. This plan mostly covers the services that Part A doesn't cover such as physical and occupational therapists and other medically-required services.

You are also free to add other types of coverages on your chosen plan. For example, you can add Part D or Prescription Drug insurance since the prices of drugs today are getting high. It is up to you on what plan to choose besides, you can assess your health needs each year and change to a different plan.

Medicare sign up is easy but there are things to consider first and requirements to pass. Be practical and wise in selecting. Empowering ones health nowadays is very, very important. Choose a way that you know will work out the best for you. You can choose base on where you currently reside or what your health really needs the most.

Basically, Medicare sign up are suitable for those who have worked for at least 10 years in a Medicare-approved employment and/or for those who are 65 years or older and a local citizen of the United States. Those who have lifetime disability or with kidney failures are also qualified for a Medicare sign up.

For further questions and assistance in applying for a Medicare, you can call or visit your local Social Security Office.

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