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Free Registry Repair Software and Other Alternatives to Fix Your Troubled Windows

Free registry cleaner is not something of a myth.
Yes, there are so many commercial registry cleaners that promote themselves as free products while actually what they offer are only free scanning services.
I believe this circumstance has made many people assume that there is no such thing as a free registry cleaner.
And this is of course not true because in fact there are so many free registry cleaners out there ready to download.
Among them, there are CCleaner from Piriform, Easy Cleaner, and MaceCraft PowerTools Lite.
All of these registry cleaners are totally free products that you can use without any limitation both in time or features.
Among so many free registry cleaners, my favorite is CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) from Piriform.
Like its name, it has the objective to hunt down all the craps found in your computer.
So it is not only equipped with registry cleaner tool but it also is equipped with Windows junk files cleaner and temporary internet files cleaner.
Overall, it is very useful to help us doing a basic Windows clean up.
Regarding the quality, I can't tell the different between its quality and the commercial products' although all of them promise superior capabilities over the free products.
But of course, these promises have never been proven.
Outside this argument about superiority, there is another concern that is more fundamental and bounds both sides: registry cleaner usefulness.
The first time you say that you need a registry cleaner, you better ask yourself what is your purpose in using one.
If what you want is to optimize your Windows, you better think again.
Doing some basic cleaning inside your registry by deleting invalid keys inside that will possibly become clogs to your system surely can help your system stays clear.
But the effect certainly does not noticeable enough because a collection of clogs in your registry is only a small fragment that prevents your computer from running in its full performance.
The same can also be said when we see it from maintenance aspect.
Registry cleaner cannot fix all your Windows problems.
Even if a problem is related to Windows registry, it does not mean that cleaning it up will make the problem goes away.
It is always recommendable that you rely on Microsoft Online Help and Support as they offer you specific patches to fix various registry problems.
Just be specific what your problem is and search the patch you need there.
The last time I had a registry-related problem was when my DVD drive was not recognized by Windows.
It turned out that there was a part of my registry that was corrupted.
A simple patch from there that automatically modified my registry instantly fixed the problem.
Another recommendation is to have a Windows emergency repair software for precaution in case you encounter a critical problem in the most unexpected time.
Basically, this is a software that can boot up your computer in case Windows fails and let you run various recovery tools from there.
There are two of my favorites: Iolo System Mechanics 9 and Spotmau PowerSuite 2009.
I prefer the latter to the first one though because it simply offers more applicable recovery tools outside Windows.
With Spotmau PowerSuite 2009, you can boot up your troubled Windows and run important tools like hard drive recovery, missing NTLDR and corrupted MBR rebuilder, disk backup and cloner, file recovery, Windows password retriever, partition manager, and many more.
Overall, it is worth to have for an emergency rescue kit.

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