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How to Have Millionaire Habits, Habit Number 2 - Asking Yourself Bigger and Better Questions

Picture: I was sitting in my jammie pants and big bulldog slippers one morning, on the porch, not too long ago, sipping on my coffee, and I was pondering something.
A while back, when I was broke, frustrated, and thinking I would never be or do anything better, one of my biggest road blocks was, I never really asked myself what I SHOULD'VE asked myself...
This leads me to Millionaire Habit #2: Millionaires regularly ask themselves BIGGER AND BETTER QUESTIONS! You must think bigger, and ask bigger, such as "What would it take for me to make more in one month, than I used to make in a year?" Or, "If I had one million dollars in the bank right now, how would I behave, and how would I conduct myself?" "How can I leverage myself, work smarter (not harder), spend less time working, and more time with my family?" No doubt, these questions would really make a difference in what you did, how you managed your time, and the seeds that you would sow, wouldn't they? They definitely do for me.
It's basically all in the mindset.
You WILL NOT MAKE MONEY if you have a poor, small, limited mindset.
That is hard for some people to grasp, and change.
You must put the small questions out of your head.
Such as, "How will I pay the bills next month?" Or "Why is HE making so much money, and I'm not?" or "What if I fail?" Just a note, any questions that begin with "What if...
" and then are followed by something negative, STAY AWAY FROM! Never allow those questions to enter your mind.
Work on replacing these small questions with the big ones, and then LOOK FOR THE ANSWERS! Write them down.
Study them.
Visualize your activities to get you there.
Picture: So, there I was, looking back on the poor, small quality of mindset I used to have, and I thanked my universe right then and there for how much more I valued myself, and how much bigger my thoughts and questions were.
I START my day with those questions, along with my private personal development time, meditation, etc, and you'd be amazed at how much more productive I am.
As a business owner and as a person.
There is no doubt that you will benefit from doing the same.
Ask yourself those BIGGER AND BETTER QUESTIONS! Live Your Potential 360°

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