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How to Transfer a Deed in Texas

    • 1). Obtain a Texas Warranty Deed form. As of March 2010, this form is not available for free from any county clerk offices or other offices. Instead, you have to purchase it from a legal document seller if you want to complete it yourself. MegaDox, Nupp Legal and Find Legal Forms all sell the Texas Warranty Deed. Prices range from $5 to $14.95. A sample is available for viewing on the Doc Stoc website.

    • 2). Enter in the date of the deed transfer, the grantor and grantee names. The grantor is the person who is transferring the deed. The grantee is the person the deed is being transferred to.

    • 3). List where the property is located, including the street address and subdivision (if applicable).

    • 4). Take the Texas Warranty deed form to a notary so that the grantor and grantee can both sign it in front of a witness. If you are not sure where to find a notary, try a local UPS Store or FedEx Office, which was formerly Kinko's.

    • 5). Submit the completed and signed Texas Warranty Deed form to the local county clerk's office of the register of deeds. The Real Marketing website has a location list for each county. Filing fees vary by county, but average around $25 per page.

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