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How to Make Your Guitar Talk

After you have learned the basic chords and scales of the guitar, it is time to learn how to make your guitar talk.
This is called articulation.
You can make your guitar talk, sing or cry, depending on some little tricks that you can employ to take your guitar playing to the next level.
These little tricks or techniques are hammer-ons, pull-offs, bends and slides.
This helps you connect the notes very smoothly.
There is also a technique referred to as vibrato that gives some life to a sustained note.
Once thing I must say up front.
Make sure that you become proficient with these techniques.
If you do any of these things incorrectly, it will sound sloppy and out of tune.
It is better not to use these techniques in public if you can't perform them correctly.
Hammer-ons are just that.
When you strum a note, you sound the next note by just hammering on the string and not plucking it.
Pull-offs are the same thing but backwards.
As you pull off the string, the string continues to play a different note from the sustain.
Slides are notes that you slide into.
A bend is probably one of the most powerful techniques you can use to make your guitar talk.
As I stated previously, make sure your bend is accurate and in time, otherwise, it will just sound like garbage.
When you use vibrato, you are basically just vibrating the string up or down, or sideways, to help keep a note sustained.
There are some rules for how far to bend a note to get to the note you want.
To find out where I want to go, I slide to the note I want.
I hear what it is supposed to sound like.
I then practice bending the note so I can raise or lower it to the pitch that I desire.
These techniques take practice.
When you are practicing just make sure that you are practicing correctly.

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