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How to Help a Hoarder Overcome the Disorder

Hoarding is a disorder that can have a very serious effect on the person suffering from it. But hoarding can affect the life of, not only of the person suffering, but his family as well. If you find out that you have a family member who shows signs and symptoms of this disorder, it is only natural of you to be concerned.

For instance, children of hoarders would normally go to their parents' houses and clean without permission. The hoarding parents would normally feel resentment and anger at the action of their children. Because of their condition, they would be unable to appreciate the actions that were done for them.

If you do have a loved one who suffers from hoarding disorder and you want to help them out, it is your task to understand and know more about their condition before taking any actions. You should be the one to adjust in order to help them out.

How to Help a Hoarder

Helping a hoarder to recover from the disorder is not an easy thing to do. It would take time for a hoarder to be able to fully recover. Here are some of the things that you should do if you really want to help them out:

Educate Yourself

You have to educate yourself about this behavior. You wouldn't be able to help out if you do not understand its causes and how it can be treated. Try to find the latest literature regarding the disorder to make yourself more familiar with it.

Get the Help of a Professional

Hoarding is a behavioral disorder and that means no matter how well-meaning you are, the patient would benefit more from being treated by a professional. There are only a few therapists who specialize in treating this kind of behavior.

Have Patience

If you want to help someone suffering from hoarding disorder then you should be ready to be patient. Hoarders would find it hard, if not impossible, to make changes with their lives. You should understand that there is no quick solution that will make them okay all of a sudden.

Reward Their Progress

Giving out rewards is always a good motivator and it should work with those who are trying to recover As they become more used to the process that you have picked for their recovery then their progress in it becomes faster.

Stay Away from Traps

There are certain traps in the treatment of hoarding disorder that you have to be aware of and stay away from. You should not expect a hoarder to get well quickly, for example. You should also not rush in and make the decisions that are supposed to be made by the person suffering from the disorder.

Show Kindness

Hoarders find it very hard to make changes without outside help. That's why you should understand them and show kindness to them all the time.

Remember that cleaning up the house is just a small part of treating the hoarding disorder. It has more to do with helping that person psychologically.

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