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The Underworld Of Ice Machines!

Do you live in an environment with limited space for cooking appliances? Do you have a small wet bar in your home and are looking for an ice machine that can fit easily into the wet bar with matching aesthetics? Then you are looking for an undercounter ice maker.

Undercounter ice machines are versatile beasts, coming in a variety of sizes, finishes and capacities to fit a wide range of commercial and residential needs. These Dachshunds of the refrigeration world are specifically designed to fit beneath counters or in areas where floor space or height restrictions prohibit use of larger equipment. They produce ice fast, usually within minutes, are small enough to enable faster and more efficient cleaning and in this environmentally-conscious age have a smaller energy footprint. No wonder coffee shops, juice stands, break areas, stadium boxes and many more prefer them!

They vary in height from 28 inches to 46 inches - they could squeeze in like a hobbit, if required! They also come in varying capacities - from a couple of dozen pounds per day to a couple of hundred pounds! Cube, flake, nugget and even crushed ice making models are available to fit your specific need though cube ice is the most preferred for beverages. Many undercounter ice makers models also combine an ice maker and ice storage bin into one unit to offer a convenient ice delivery system. Finishes can range from matching the color of your kitchen cabinet to luxury finishes that can enhance decor aesthetics!

Undercounter ice makers are designed with front ventilation to allow them to be built in or between cabinetry. They require a permanent water line and some of them also need a drain line. Make sure you get a professional plumber to install one. These can store much more ice than a portable model and can keep it frozen longer.

The vast majority of consumer oriented built-in ice makers do not offer a refrigerated storage bin. At some point the ice produced will melt and the resulting water may need to be drained from the machine. The most common way to achieve this goal is to establish a permanent gravity drain line. The gravity drain line will exit the back of the machine and carry the water to a nearby drain located below the ice maker. If your drain location is not below the machine, or is located several feet away, you may need to purchase an additional condensate pump to transport the drainage. Some ice makers will offer a built in condensate pump if you prefer to have the pump included within the body of the unit. If you do not have access to a drain and are unable to establish a permanent drain line for your ice maker you may need to manually drain the water from the machine periodically.

Scotsman Ice machines and Manitowoc ice machines have made a name for themselves with refrigeration products that offer quality, durability and energy efficiency at reasonable price points. Their undercounter ice machines are no different. Let's take a brief look:

Scotsman undercounter ice machines are distinguished by certifications from Energy Star, CUL, NSF and ARI (whew!), built in drain pump for installation flexibility and minimizing installation cost and flexibility to use them outdoors as well. Scotsman Ice machines' Brilliance range of residential undercounter ice makers use 40% less energy and more than 50% less water than stand-alone, dedicated ice machines! The sleek finish options are a brilliant plus!

Manitowoc ice machines feature undercounter ice maker models with daily ice making capacities ranging from 50 to 660 lbs! All their models are equipped with angled bin doors providing visibility and easy access to ice without bending over; the bin door slides up and out of the way for maximum access. Along with a clean and crisp finish this provides a great combination of aesthetics and ergonomics! Manitowoc ice machines' patented cleaning and sanitizing technology, AlphaSan added to key internal components extends the time between cleaning sessions, leading to operational savings!

Parties and celebrations require ice and undercounter ice machines are the key to keep the entertainment flowing smoothly.

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