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How to Select a Summer Camp for Boys

There are so many camping options. Determining which of the many boys summer camps is best for your child may seem like a daunting task. Here are several steps for making the selection of a safe and reliable establishment for your child easier.

1. Choose an accredited camp. Accreditation with a reliable camping association ensures that the facility meets safety qualifications and that it is routinely inspected and visited to ensure that it meets or exceeds government standards. Extensive research has been established by camping accreditation firms that ensure that each camp meets rigid safety and quality standards. If you decide to choose an unaccredited camping facility, at least ensure than it meets standard health requirements. The American Camp Association (ACA) requires all camping affiliations within their association to meet safety, cleanliness and program standards. Boys summer camps accredited through the ACA are inspected on a regular basis. Pennsylvania is a beautiful state, and any PA camping facility that you choose should also be inspected and licensed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, which inspects bathing facilities, drinking water and food services.

2. Choose a culturally diverse and friendly facility. There are so many camps available; however, be aware of the environment that you are sending your child into. Be sure to select a camp that embraces campers from across the US, Europe, Asia and countries and Latin America. Each child deserves to be celebrated for their differences while being united together with others according to their interests and skills. International campers should be placed according to language groups, yet they should have ample opportunity to interact with all language groups. Transportation to and from the camp should be easily accessible with optional bus service from areas such as New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Baltimore. All incoming campers should be provided with a camper representative to  them from the airport to the facility. First impressions are so important and your child should be embraced and accepted for just who they are. Summer Camp For Boysis an incredibly beautiful way to develop and build self-esteem and cultural awareness. Select a summer camp for boys facility that is culturally diverse and culturally friendly. Your child should be celebrated for their differences in race, culture, religion and interests.

3. Choose a customized activity schedule.The camping facility should also offer a customized activity schedule. Programs such as communication and technology, photography, telecommunications, radio, acting and video production, computer programming, horseback riding, arts programs and many other options should be provided in one camping facility. Your child will grow through the opportunities provided for him in a multilayered camping facility. Additional trips should also be offered including canoeing, kayaking, extensive hiking, rock climbing, whale watching and more. When you choose a beautiful location such as Pennsylvania there are rafting trips on the Youghiogheny River and ocean kayaking trips to the Atlantic. The camping facility which you select can mean the difference between another recreational summer and an exceptional opportunity to excel and move ahead.

Boys summer camps that offer the above mentioned characteristics will safely launch your child forward into his future with many new tools, including increased self-esteem and a new love for diversity in culture. Children return home from quality boys summer camps with many new skills, new friends and a passionate desire to do the best in each new challenge life brings their way.3

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