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The Unwritten Rules of Life, By: Stepan Stepanian - Book Review

The rules of how to go through life, taught to us while growing up and known to all on various levels, are articulated beautifully in Stepan Stepanian's book, "The Unwritten Rules of Life: Volume 1.
" "Do to others what you would have them do to you," is the first rule, "The Golden Rule.
" This principle, as stated in the Bible as well as other theological and cultural writings, sums up many if not all characteristics of behavior.
Stepan Stepanian goes beyond this encompassing rule and quotes many aphorisms on topics of respect, greed, courtesy, relationships, family and most importantly, individual self-awareness.
He points out, through his tenets, we all live on this planet inhabited by over 6 billion people, and thus tied to each other as well as being an individual; an extremely delicate balance of respectful social behavior is warranted.
"The Unwritten Rules of Life," listed in his book are eloquent and persuasive lessons that we can all benefit from.
One should not only read the book, but absorb its meanings, assimilate its messages, and re-read it periodically.
Is it better to have more expensive material items than simply functional ones? Are people smarter when they know more from school or from "the streets?" Is blood thicker than water, meaning family bonds stronger then friendship? Is greed good? These and many other answers are brought to light, allowing the reader to ponder the circumstances of their own life.
I have found myself channeling my own recollections into answering the question, "What would I have done differently if I had known of, or followed such a rule?" "The Unwritten Rules of Life's" galley text is stylish in its presentation, with each title of the rule on one page as if it is a curtain before revealing the next rule.
Each rule is spaced artfully and printed on its own page.
No rule is longer than one page, hence the "Title - rule - title - rule" pace of reading this book becomes truly a fun event; different than reading all chaptered literary work.
This is a book which can be picked up at any time without consequence for loss of meaning, making it an ideal addition to any place of temporary inhabitance; such as a lobby, vacation home, waiting room, or even a bathroom.
Due to the sophistication of the messaging, Stepan Stepanian collection of thoughts is simultaneously inspiring, motivational and instructional.
Stepan Stepanian has done an excellent job compiling his "Volume 1" suggesting more may follow.
Ideal as a gift item, especially to young adults, this book should grace the family libraries and those of schools and places of worship.
The Unwritten Rules of Life demands and deserves to have a wide reading audience.
May it bring many to heed its wisdom and gospel based encouragement of the lessons of life.
The only issue I have now is a semantic one: Now since the "The Unwritten Rules of Life" has been published, they are no longer unwritten - are they?

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