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KIRTADS Museum - A Showcase of the Lifestyles of the Tribes of Kerala


Complete with three separate departments, the Ethnological Museum is part of the Kerala Institute for Research, Training and Development Studies or KIRTADS and showcases the historical evolution and culture of the indigenous communities.


The Kerala Institute for Research Training and Development Studies, known as KIRTADS, is a governmental organisation that comes within the purview of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Development Ministry whose main aims are in relation to conducting research in an attempt to further development in Kerala and consist of three major departments: training, research and development studies. Located near the Vrindavan Colony, this Kerala institute is also home to an Ethnological Museum, also known as the KIRTADS Museum which caters to the curious minds who seek to know more in relation to the tribes of the state.

One element of tourism is also the immersion of oneself in a foreign culture and the Ethnological Museum at the Kerala Institute for Research Training and Development Studies is an ideal mode by which this goal could easily be achieved. This Ethnological Museum was founded in 1973 and showcases various exhibits that illustrate the lifestyles of the tribes. For instance, the museum showcases items such as wood carvings, utensils, bows and arrows, costumes and even jewellery worn by these communities. In addition, it seeks to shed light on the forms of agriculture engaged in as well as the implements and tools that were used in collaboration with the different types and styles of medicines and healthcare prevalent with these communities. Furthermore, the site houses a valuable collection of tribal music as well making this attraction an extremely interesting one to visit.

Though founded in 1973, it was moved to a new building whose spaciousness makes it all the more attractive as it sheds light on the history and culture of the tribes of Kerala. To witness the Ethnological Museum's effort in preservation, step outside your Calicut hotel and make your way to KIRTADS, open on all working days, except on the second Saturday of the month, from 10.15am - 5.15pm. An excellent opportunity to interact with the local culture, this sites merits being listed in any 'must visit' list of a tourist staying at Hotels in Calicut. Subsequent to such a tour, feel completely at leisure as you make your way back to a hotel such as The Gateway Hotel Beach Road Calicut, and bask in their luxury and comfort.

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