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Weaknesses of Scyther

    Main Weaknesses

    • Because of the bug type of the character, he certain base weaknesses. Bug types are weak to flying- and fire-type activities. Flying-type characters have weaknesses of their own--to the ice- and electric-type attacks. This level of weakness means that an attack of that type will cause double the damage to your Scyther in battle. If you are fighting a Scyther in a battle, teach the Pokemon some of these attacks.

    Rock-Type Weakness

    • Both flying and bug types share another weakness: to rock-type attacks. Because of this, rock attacks cause four times the damage to Scyther. In combat, this also means that bug- and flying-type attacks won't cause a lot of damage to any creature with a rock or sub type. An attack like "stealth rock" can shave half of Scyther's health bar in a single attack. You can see the type of your creature in the PokéDex.

    Card Game Weaknesses

    • The Scyther character has been in many generations of the card game as well. On every card, there is a category for both "Resistances" and "Weaknesses." Except for one version of the card in the "Aquapolis" series, Scyther's card game form is weak to fire. The exception version is weak to electric-type attacks. Weakness in the card game means that a fire-type attack will cause double the damage, except for a few cards that note a specific damage increase.


    • Thanks to Scyther's flying subtype, it is invulnerable to most ground-type attacks, because it could fly above any attack coming from the ground. His main resistances are to fighting- and grass-type attacks, which cause one-quarter of the normal damage. His fighting-type resistance is also echoed in the card games, so any card with a fist icon listed under "Resistances" gets 30 damage less from attacks. Scyther is also partially resistant to bug attacks, so attacks from a bug-type Pokemon cause half of the normal damage of any other attack.

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