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Can Internal, or Female, Condoms Be Used for Anal Sex?

Question: Can Internal, or Female, Condoms Be Used for Anal Sex?

"Female" or "internal" condoms are non-latex polyurethane pouches that are designed to be worn in the vagina during vaginal intercourse. However, this type of condom can also be worn in the anus for protection during anal sex.


Although some experts caution that this type of condom may provide less protection for anal sex than a traditional male condom would, they are a really good option for guys whose partners refuse to use male condoms, or for guys who lose their erections when they try to put one on.

What's the Deal With Internal "Female" Condoms?

Because they aren't made of latex, internal female condoms are non-allergenic. They are also generally thinner than latex and they are a better heat conductor. The downside is that because they are made of polyurethane, they might be slightly more likely to break. As a result, it is crucial to use a lot of lubricant with them (which is actually something you should already be doing whenever you have anal sex). If your pharmacy doesn’t carry female condoms, they are easy to order online.

What's So Good About an Internal Female Condom?

Besides being non-allergenic, the female condom has a number of other advantages:
  • Guys who find traditional condoms uncomfortable or lose their erection when they put one on may appreciate that the female condom doesn’t constrict the penis.
  • Guys whose partners won't use traditional male condoms may be able to use this type of condom instead.
  • It can be inserted ahead of time, and left in place.
  • It is possible to continue to have sex even if a guy loses his erection because it doesn’t need an erection to stay in place.

  • A couple can start having sex before a guy is completely erect.
  • Unlike latex condoms, these can be used with water or oil-based lubrication because they are made of polyurethane.

So How exactly Do You Use the Female Condom for Anal Sex?

The Washington D.C. Department of Health offers this guide to using the female condom for anal sex.

Female condom on penis. Put the female condom over the erect penis, use only water-based lubricant and enter slowly.

Female condom in the anus. Insert the female condom into the rectum; then enter with the erect lubricated penis. To do this:
  • Find a comfortable position.
  • Hold the small ring (at the closed end of the condom) between the thumb and middle finger. (Some users prefer to take out the small ring before insertion to make the condom more comfortable.)
  • Put it into the anus and push it far inside.
  • Put a finger inside the condom to push the small ring inside as far as possible (omit this step if you have already removed it).
  • Make sure the part of the condom with the outer ring is outside the body. The outer ring will lie flat against the body when the penis is inside the condom.
  • If you are entering the anus with the female condom already in the anus, it's important to make sure the penis is directed inside the female condom and not beside it.

Immediately after intercourse, take out the condom by gently twisting the outer ring and pulling the condom out, making sure that no semen is spilled.

Are Female Condoms for You?

Female internal condoms aren't for everyone. They can be harder to use than a male condom, they can be more expensive and harder to find, and they are best used by people who are comfortable inserting something into their body. However, they are also a good tool to know about in the quest for safer sex, and for a lot of people they offer a really important solution to common condom issues.

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