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Kenmore Coldspot Ice Maker Won't Stop

    Ice Sensor

    • The Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator has an automatic shut-off feature for the ice maker that uses a sensor light beam. If the ice level in the ice bin surpasses the light beam, the ice maker ceases ice production. Clean the sensor with a dry cloth and make sure there are no objects blocking the light beam path if the ice production is not stopping when the ice bin is full.

    Accelerated Ice Production

    • The Kenmore Coldspot refrigerator features an accelerated ice production mode that increases the rate of ice production for 24 hours. Designed for periods of high ice usage, this mode shuts off automatically after 24 hours. To turn the mode off manually, press the "Ice" button until the indicator light goes out.

    Ice Dispensing

    • To dispense ice, press a glass or container against the ice dispenser level. The ice will exit the chute into the glass or container and will continue to do so until the lever is released. If the lever gets stuck and ice continues to dispense, gently pull the lever forward and then release it back to the original position.

    Ice Maker Power

    • If other efforts to stop ice production have failed, turn the ice maker power switch to the right until it is in the "Off" position. Remove and empty the ice bin and check the ice maker chute for any debris or potential blockages that may prohibit proper functioning. Contact GE for assistance if the ice maker continues to produce ice at 800-827-6655.

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