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Employee Performance Management - Role Change In The Year

Role change in the year is a difficult situation to deal with.
In the context of employee performance management, it raises career concerns, questions and doubts about how it impacts your performance rating and overall appraisal.
Keep the following simple steps in mind and you are on your way to a deserving performance appraisal with your boss.
Understand Your New Role: Ask as many questions, clarify all doubts and understand the expected deliverables of the changed role that you are being offered.
It is important to invest as much time to clarify all doubts about the role on offer.
Alignment Of The New Role In The Organization Structure: Impress upon being informative about how the role fits in the organization.
Where is it aligned to and how does it fit into the criticalities of the organization.
Key Success Factors Of The New Role: List down the aspects of the role that are your opportunities and will help you succeed in that.
Make them your core deliverables and work upon them to achieve success.
Evaluate Your Performance In The Existing Role: Your hard work in the current role thus far in the year should not go waste.
Request your reporting manager to document your performance in the existing role through an interim performance appraisal.
Responsible managers understand the value of employee performance management in one's career.
You need to take the initiative and get this concluded.
Do not forget to refer to this appraisal during the annual appraisal exercise.
Agree Upon Your New KRAs: It is a crucial activity to agree on your KRAs /KPIs /Goal Sheets of the new role.
Change in roles in the year makes this activity even more critical.
Contract the expected performances from you at work with your boss.
At the end of the year, you will be evaluated on these sets of goals/KRAs.
Follow the SMART principle while agreeing on your goals of the new role.
A Tip: Take initiative and help the person assuming your role succeed in his/her role.
Transfer of knowledge, skill and collaboration from your end will help the other guy settle and succeed in his role.
This is a key attribute of a STAR employee.
Why not you be the one? The success of the employee performance management depends on the employee I,e.
Take ownership and convert the uncertainties of a role change in the year into an awesome career success opportunity.

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