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How to Free Seized Nuts & Bolts

    • 1). Add penetrating oil to the seized hardware and allow several hours for the oil to begin working before trying to loosen the nut. Several applications may be required before results are seen. If the bolt is small enough, submerging it in oil can be effective too.

    • 2). Use an acetylene torch to heat the hardware before attempting to loosen it. This makes the metal expand and can break the bond between the nut and bolt caused by corrosion.

    • 3). Use a nut splitter to break the nut off of the bolt. This tool uses a wrench to tighten a sharp blade against the side of the nut causing it to split.

    • 4). Drill the bolt out, but only as a last resort. Mark the center of the bolt and starting with the smallest drill bit possible, make a hole. Use progressively larger bits until the bolt falls apart.

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