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Why Should I Write an eBook?

"Everything that's been said has already been written" Someone said that once, I believe.
It's not true though, is it? I mean, people say things every day that have never been thought of before, never mind written about.
In this modern day world of hyper-change, technology and new ideas, things change so rapidly that not even the fastest thinking Authors can keep pace.
The point I am trying to make is that there will always be something new to write about.
Consequently there will always be customers for the forward thinking Author to sell their books to, and this obviously includes E-books.
E-books are probably the bargain of the century, as far as reading material goes.
They are cheap to buy because there are no printing costs, nor are there any overheads for publishers or Authors commissions to pay.
E-books are normally delivered instantly to your computer, this too keeps the cost down.
All in all then these reasons are enough to justify why you should write one yourself.
In fact, if you have something to say, this is the perfect time to say it, and writing an E-book is the perfect way to accomplish this.
What other way is there for budding Authors to enter into the publishing world, not in hardback admittedly, but nevertheless you can have your say, give your advice, write about what you love, and take great pleasure when you make a few sales.
(More about selling E-books in another article) This industry needs people who are good at writing about our present day World and all the technology that's growing and growing on a daily basis.
E-books are a brilliant tool for original thinkers to get their new ideas across, be it solving old problems in a new way, or informing us of new ways to help solve problems presented by new technology.
Make no mistake here, E-books can be a very powerful tool, they can assist any business, online or offline, just setting down in print exactly what your business is doing and the direction you want to take will, no doubt attract readers.
This is an excellent promotional tool for business writers, but what of the individual.
If you have a talent, have participated in a particular sport, pastime, or hobby and acquired a good level of expertise along the way, people will want to read about it.
Information is the big thing out there at the moment and there are millions of people looking for it, so pick something that you love doing and are good at, make notes, and get writing.

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