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Forerunner 310xt Running Watch Review

For triathletes and swimmers as properly as those who participate in water sports, this is a huge benefit and a very good reason to upgrade to this device.

Maintain Track of Your Heartrate

If you use the optional heart rate monitoring strap, you can get genuine time data on your heart rate and track your heart rate over the course of your workout. For people with well being issues as nicely as those looing to meet cardiovascular goals, this data is really valuable and handy.

Monitor Your Time and Distance

If you hate keeping track of mile markers or struggling to get an accurate notion of your distance and times, you will appreciate the reality that this unit does it automatically. Utilizing the built in GPS unit, the 310XT can gather and store information on how far you have gone and how long it took. For stationary bikes and treadmills, there is even an optional footpod for measuring this details.

Sync Workout Data to Garmin Connect

This device connects to your personal computer to automatically sync your data to your PC. You can also automatically sync your data to Garmin Connect where you can participate in a special on the web training community.

Run With a Virtual Partner

This has got to be 1 of the coolest features in Garmin Forerunners, including the 310XT. If you like a little bit of competition to keep you moving, turn on the Virtual Partner function to compete against a digital partner.

Leave The Battery Charger at Home

One more cool advancement on the Forerunner 310XT comes in the form of an extended battery life. This unit can go for up to 20 hours without having needing a charge, a massive improvement over earlier Forerunners.

It is not each day that you encounter a full-featured heart rate monitor watch. When the market is filled with wide assortments of heart rate monitors that end up disappointing rather than impressing, it is hard to find a fitness watch that actually stays true to promises. The time came when Garmin, yet once more, managed to change these poor impressions and use them to its benefit. With the new Garmin Forerunner, anybody can now get a serious fitness watch that can transform a simple every day jogger into a triathlon participant. The powerful features of this watch is geared to be ultimate fitness and training partner, accommodating the demands of strategy training sessions, fitness logs and training information analysis and management.

Key features

This Garmin Forerunner is not an ordinary power meter. For its timekeeping capabilities, this gadget is given the new auto-multisport mode, which allows you to time and maintain track of your fitness gauges from 1 sport to the next. Simply hit the lap button and it will automatically time your transitions. In addition to its multi-sport capabilities, it is given an improved waterproof body that is developed to withstand steady dunking, which makes it a great swimming, surfing or rowing partner.

The setup is fast and simple. It basically keeps track and logs in your simple fitness data. You can easily synch it up with your power meters, cadence sensors or foot pods. It you are training for some fancy racing events, the ease and intuitive features of this device's multiple presets will prove to be handy. It can instantly offer you with feedback with reference to your history file.

Style Strength

Monitoring your training power, heart rate, calories, speed, distance and elevation is no problem with the Forerunner 310XT. Its custom interval workout modes and presets are incredibly beneficial in optimizing the rewards of every single training session.

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