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Wrinkle Creams, Do They Make You Younger?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could just rub on some cream as they do on infomercials and have all your wrinkles disappear? How many times have you been enticed by the new 'scientifically proven' cream just to fall for the next product released? Unfortunately, our search for the ultimate wrinkle cream is like the search for the Fountain of Youth.
It would be nice but I wouldn't hold my breath.
Effective wrinkle creams do exist but even the creams that actually work, don't turn back the clock or are as effective as we hope.
But how can we distinguish the real from the tauted wrinkle cream? The only over the counter wrinkle creams that show wrinkle diminishment have a few ingredients in common.
Effective ingredients include antioxidants, hydroxy acids, Coenzyme Q10, and copper peptides.
Antioxidants, such as retinol, are used to neutralize the free radicals that damage the skin.
Hydroxy acids slough off dead skin revealing the healthier skin developing underneath.
The nutrient, Coenzyme Q10, is said to help regulate skin cell production, reducing fine lines.
Copper peptides are used to help stimulate collagen production and enhance the effects of antioxidants.
These and similar acting ingredients, such as tea extracts and kinetin, have all been shown to diminish wrinkles and improve skin quality to a small degree.
Since the sun is responsible for a majority of the aging effects on our skin, one of best ingredients in anti-aging and other wrinkle creams is sunscreen.
For the most part, this only prevents further sun damage but it helps many of the other ingredients.
Since sun exposure increases the amount of free radicals produced by the skin, people using wrinkle cream with or without antioxidants may find sunscreen helpful in their anti-wrinkle regime.
Those using hydroxy acids to reduce wrinkles are especially susceptible to the sun's rays and are in special need of sunscreen for up to a week after their hydroxy acid treatments.
You are never going to get the same positive results that you would with radical treatments such as Botox or collagen fillers.
Using a good quality wrinkle cream on a regular basis, however, will help keep your skin in better condition for a lot less health risk, time.
and financial cost.
No doubt you will read the many glowing testimonials that are available to help sell almost any product on the market but there have been many studies done that have shown that there is no correlation between the benefits that these anti wrinkle products deliver and the prices that you have to pay.
Don't just look at the price tag, look at the ingredients.
Just because you are paying a high price doesn't mean the product is effective or better than a lower cost one.
Try small samples of products that you believe will help you and look at the results with an open mind to see whether they are worthwhile or not.
They can certainly help you but no two people will get the same results and your results are all that matter.

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