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Who Has The Patience For Health Insurance Issues?

I am a mother of three and in my 40s. I just recently had an experience with my health insurance I would like to share. There may be many great and positive insurance stories but for a middle class mom with an annual income of $36,000.00 not so great.

The business I work at does not offer health insurance but I had my own and a separate one for my kids. I paid co-payments at doctor visits and discounts on prescriptions. My deductible was high but that kept my premium low, not to many benefits either but it worked fine. At my boys age we were always at the doctors so the co payments worked great.

A friend of mine had insurance with the same company. After taking about her plan I really needed to switch to a the family plan. It had more benefits and the premium was a lot less than what I currently paying. I decided to call the company to change my plan. When talking to the agent I mentioned that I had recently paid my premium. He informed me that I could not transfer the funds and they had to cancel my policy first and start all over with a new one. I would receive a check between five to 7 weeks. So now I was out that money and needed another payment immediately to stay insured.

Shortly after the shock it was time for a routine exam I needed for a condition I was covered for on this policy. Just before I make an appointment for the exam I get a letter from the insurance company. They are telling me that my condition was a precondition and that if it was determined that I may need surgery after the exam it would not be covered. I thought this was a joke right?

Well, I have not resolved it with them so in the meantime I am waiting, afraid to set an appointment for the exam. Imagine if I get diagnosed with a terminal illness plus the possibility of not getting treatment or the care that I may need. I keep blaming myself for not asking enough questions. I must maintain a positive attitude for me and my kids. Once its all said and done I can really get down to the bottom of this.

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