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Moon in Aquarius & Venus in Leo & How to Integrate True Beauty Into Your Life

The two Feminine Players in Astrology are Moon and Venus Moon is representing the archetypal mother or wife; Venus is the goddess of love and beauty.
In the chart of a man they show what he is looking for in a woman and in the chart of a woman they give insight into her inner woman who needs to find an expression in her life.
The personal astrological chart is our blue print of the journey of the soul.
Depending on our level of self consciousness and awareness of our structures we will be able to integrate the potentials and challenges we are faced with over time.
Part of the learning process is through the mechanism of projection.
We all project, more or less, our own thoughts, values, patterns onto the world and people.
The Mechanism of Projection For example for a man to connect with his inner woman, very specifically described in his chart, he will have experiences with women and feel drawn to similar energies then the Moon and Venus are carrying in his chart.
If his Moon or Venus is stressed by Pluto in his chart, he will be choosing partners who mirror him that challenging and transforming connection.
His relationships will be turbulent, passionate and instrumental in deep inner changes and growth.
That might not be very pleasant but if he has that Pluto connection other love relationships would be too boring for him.
This is the way we all project out our inner world onto the outer world to find alignment and grow.
Lunar Astrology Since earliest time humans were living in the predictive and reliable order of day and night, the changing seasons and the waxing and waning of the Moon.
The Moon is the fastest moving planet and our gauge of emotions.
We can become more conscious of our inner emotional tides and have the chance to be more of a witness to them then a victim.
Observing the changing heavenly stars would provide us with some meaningful observations of rhythm and order.
That is why astrology can support us with deep insights and a feeling of choice in the participation of an orderly organized universe.
Moon in Aquarius When Moon moves into Aquarius we will feel some expansion into more freedom and independence after the Moon has left the more constrictive Capricorn on Monday evening.
The Moon is 88 percent full and gaining strength and impact, with a bounty of feelings moving through us.
It is especially exciting and colorful in the sign of Aquarius.
Aquarius is the Eleventh Sign in the Zodiac Aquarius is the second to the last sign in the archetypal wheel of the zodiac, which is symbolizing evolution and growth on all levels of existence.
One circle of learning is almost coming to an end.
Therefore they feel a deep inner connection to humankind and love to contribute but on their own terms.
The sign of Aquarius is opposite and complementary of the sign of Leo and is opposing the king or the ruling forces in society.
Aquarian people carry the responsibility for change for the better and shaking up the status.
Aquarius is a rebel and visionary and often becomes a role model for others to follow and get inspired by.
Moon in Aquarius and Venus in Leo are an invitation for that rebel and queen to show up and complement each other.
Here it is about the need for autonomy, freedom, inspiration and change to come into alignment with being a leader and taking responsibility for the creative self expression.
Let us have a deeper look at the role Venus is playing in our life.
Venus has always been the Goddess of Beauty and Art Venus is representing this inner part of longing for beauty, which we all have to appreciate and honor to be truly happy.
The most basic instincts in any species are for survival, safety and shelter, but when they have been taken care, the need for beauty, love and connection is most important.
Even the cave men seemed to have the urge to paint their walls and embellish their tools, weapons and make nice bowls or baskets.
They even had primitive forms of jewelry to empower themselves with the tiger's tooth around their neck for prestige and strength.
I believe that we can only truly appreciate beauty when we have reached an inner place of accomplishment, where we feel safe and balanced in our being.
Then we can turn our attention to another level of appreciation of the arts, literature, music, jewelry and surround ourselves with beautiful things.
We are open to use our financial resources for things that are beyond the immediate survival and ego gratification, for things that will nourish our soul and not just the body.
Nourishment for the Soul Remember sitting at the beach and watching the sun setting over the ocean? Remember the inner silence and happiness you experienced.
Or the walk you did in nature? How your mind is slowing down into a peaceful and relaxed state? How it makes you happy? Beautiful nature is balancing our mind and nourishing our soul.
It can take your breath away.
And it doesn't cost anything either! But if you look at a painting or some other artistic creation of beauty you might have the same deep response in your soul.
Just perceiving it can uplift your spirit and give you a profound sense of joy.
The Creative Expression of the Soul Also finding your own way to let the creative source of your being move through you into any kind of creative expression will lift you up because it connects you with a higher level of your consciousness.
Creative expression is based on partaking in the divine creation.
We feel connected with our creator, which makes us happy and we may become the hollow bamboo through which the creative flow of existence is directed.
I love the process of jewelry making for that reason! I am always happy to sit at the bench and experience that inner Venusian connection.
The mind is not very active, I feel relaxed and joyful! The same happens for me when I paint or work in the garden.
My Venus is in the first house which means I always strive to find beauty and love in everything I am doing.
It is definitely a need and a calling.
Depending on your Venus position in your chart you can see in which area in your life this is most important for you.
Venus and Jewelry Of course as a jeweler I love to express and enhance my own beauty or the beauty of a client with meaningful and beautiful jewelry.
When there is an inner alignment and love for a piece of jewelry you can be sure it will be nourishing your body and soul.
You can use astrology to find out about your most healing gemstones for your horoscope as one way of your approach.
Or you can test your body's reaction to a stone or a piece of jewelry by testing it with Kinesiology, a simple muscle resistant test.
Venus: The Goddess of Love and Connection Love is a state of consciousness we raise to.
When we feel love it flows through us abundantly and unconditionally.
That is what we all long for! I like to encourage you to find an area in your life where you can touch into that creative love flow.
What could it be for you? Could it be in the arts, gardening, and meditation, writing your journal or volunteer work? It does not matter if you are a man or a woman.
You do have a Venus and a Moon and need to find a good way to express it yourself in your own life to feel satisfied and happy.
An Aquarian Gemstone is the Aquamarine.
[1] Uranus infuses Aquamarine with some unusual qualities and a vision beyond our limited mind-set, making Aquamarine the Rebel among the gems.
This is the gemstone of visionaries fighting for a better life, supporting goodness and necessary changes.
It urges us to seek freedom and independence and to express our uniqueness.
Aquamarine is the stone of innovators, ahead of their time in many ways.
It encourages us to always question our limiting beliefs with an open mind and to be willing to grow beyond them.
It can help us to find our own vision and purpose in life and the courage to live them.
This unique gem connects us with the unlimited aspect of being that is found in the ocean, symbolizing the vastness of existence, the unlimited space and horizon that we experience standing on a beach or on a boat.
A Leo Gemstone is the Ruby [1] The Ruby is the warrior of the heart, the knight of our dreams.
It touches the root chakra and the heart chakra, helping gently but powerfully to bring energy up from the first chakra to the heart.
The root chakra is our connection with the earth, our grounding, ego identity, survival instincts, anger, sex drive, and life force in general.
The heart chakra is the seat of our emotions of love in all its aspects, from self-love to unconditional love.
It is the site of unresolved wounds suffered in love and childhood experiences, but it is also home to forgiveness and compassion.
If you like my astrological musings I invite you to find more on my Astrological Signs Weather Report & Healing Gems Blog for a regular update on the universal flow in the heavens.
As you can tell I am also very passionate about the abilities of the healing gemstones to help to align and balance our flow.
I have even written a book about it and the connection with astrology! If you know where your challenges are, you can then take steps to support or balance yourself with gemstones, if that is something that appeals to you.
I hope you enjoyed this article, aloha and many blessings, Shakti.
Shakti Carola Navran: astrologer, jeweler and author [1 ]Adapted from Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery: Choosing Gemstones That Delight the Eye & Strengthen the Soul 2008 by Shakti Carola Navran.
Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd.
2143 Wooddale Drive, Woodbury, MN 55125-2989.
All rights reserved, used by permission of the publisher.

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