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Thinking About Moving to the South - Think About Alabama

How many times have you kicked yourself for not getting in early on an investment or buying property in the right places just before it boomed? I know I've kicked myself plenty for missed opportunities.
One opportunity that many know about already is real estate in the South.
What most don't think about is moving to Alabama.
Sure, Georgia ranks high on most folks list when thinking about moving to the South, and everyone has research triangle of North Carolina in their minds, but Alabama gets ignored mostly.
Why is it that many don't think of Alabama as a suitable place to bring their family and invest property? Much of that has to do with its reputation as being racist or backwoods.
This may have been true to a point in the past, but now you won't find a state that tries harder to provide equal opportunities to all and is open to new ideas, as long as those new ideas don't get in the way of Southern hospitality anyway.
So don't let stereotypes keep you from considering Alabama.
One of the hot spots of Alabama is the Gulf Coast area.
From Gulf Shores to Mobile you'll find some great spots to live, and vacation, on the Alabama coast.
The weather is great and the people kind.
And if you want a beautiful setting you'll be hard pressed to find anything more breathtaking than the Alabama coast.
A city that made the news a lot in the 1960s for negative reasons had matured into a modern city while still holding onto all that was good about the past, Birmingham.
Atlanta has reached its capacity and has locked down with traffic and sprawl while Birmingham has grown at a healthy rate and is expected to continue growing at a good rate for many years.
For those with technical backgrounds consider the North Alabama city of Huntsville.
This city is home to the Space and Rocket Center and the famous Space Camp for kids.
The surrounding mountains make this a beautiful location where land can still be purchased for reasonable prices.
Where else can you own ten acres on a lake and still be close enough for a short commute to work? Alabama is a ripe investment in your future.
Not only will the houses surely rise in value, but the quality of life will improve as well.
Whether you are looking for a financial investment or a positive life change Alabama is your state.

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