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Slim Down With Slim-Fast

With so many different diets on the market, it is difficult to decide which is best.
Every person has distinct needs and goals so no one diet is right for everyone.
The Slim-Fast diet is perfect for those with a busy lifestyle or dieters that need help with controlling portions.
The diet is simple, safe and effective and comes complete with a large community of users that provide support.
The Plan The Slim-Fast diet plan is very straightforward.
The formula for success is easy to remember, 3-2-1.
Users are supposed to eat three snacks per day, two shakes or meal bars and one balanced 500-calorie dinner.
The snacks can be the 100-calorie Slim-Fast snack bars or combinations of healthy foods such as fruit, nuts or popcorn.
Snacks should be spread throughout the day in between meals; one should be eaten in the morning, one in the afternoon and one after dinner.
Meal bars and shakes average about 200 calories each and should be eaten for breakfast and lunch.
Dinner should be a balanced combination of healthy foods not to exceed 500 calories.
For example, fish with wild rice and green beans or pasta with tomato sauce, meatballs and veggies are both acceptable.
The total calories per day on this plan averages about 1200.
Those who need more or less calories can adjust easily by adding food to meals or removing a snack or two.
Expected Results The Slim-Fast plan has been around for over 25 years.
There have been many changes in that time, but users continually see results.
Average weight loss on the plan is about 1-2 pounds per week.
Additionally, those who successfully lose weight on the diet tend to keep the unwanted pounds off long term.
There is an adjustment back to regular foods when the goal is reached, but the bars and shakes can be used for continued weight maintenance.
Available Products Slim-Fast products are available in most supermarkets, mass merchandisers and pharmacies.
They offer snack bars, meal bars and both ready to drink or powdered shakes.
Shake flavors include chocolate, vanilla and cappuccino.
Meal bars are available in chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate crisp, sweet and salty, chocolate caramel peanut and fruit and yogurt trail mix.
Snack bars are offered in flavors like chocolate nougat gone nuts, peanut butter crunch time, chocolaty vanilla blitz and many more.
Flavors are always being added and tested as the brand works to stay relevant in the weight loss market.
Support Due to the popularity and availability of Slim-Fast products, there is a large community of users and many success stories.
The internet is an excellent vehicle to connect with other people embarking on their weight loss journey.
Their official site also has a collection of ideas, recipes, forums and other resources for added information and support.
Dieters that choose to use Slim-Fast to help reach their goals can lose up to 10 pounds in their first month.
Clinically proven results are real, fast and easy to achieve.
Slim-Fast is a great weight loss product for those who need to lose as few as 10 pounds or 100 pounds or more.

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