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Important Bodybuilding Guidelines

Bodybuilding needs to be done with some degree of intelligence.
Otherwise, you may end up lifting weights for a long time and not seeing any fruits.
There is more to it than just the motions and lifting.
It needs to be done with intensity.
The body is good at adapting to certain exercises when you are working out.
For this reason, you will need to change from exercise to exercise.
Different workouts will get you to different intensity levels.
Whenever you do not want to cross beyond levels you cannot bear, follow these three techniques.
1) Try supersets.
A superset is done when the person exercising does two exercises in quick succession, meaning there are no pauses in between the two.
Take for example, some people who normally do 5 sets of biceps exercises and later 5 sets for triceps.
Supersetting in this case would mean having to start with one of the exercises, say the biceps one, and then immediately beginning the triceps exercises without taking a breather in between the two.
If you do a superset twice without stops, it means that you have done a giant set.
2) Drop sets.
Drops sets are done by picking up a weight and working on it till you cannot handle anymore.
Then immediately pick up a smaller weight and lift till the same happens.
If for example you normally have the 40 pound weight as your heaviest, begin with it.
Start lifting up until your get tired.
Then downgrade to the 35 pounds weights and lift until you "drop" 3) The less you rest between your sets, the more intense the exercise becomes.
Turn the notch higher by resting only for one minute if you used to do it for three minutes.
Make your bodybuilding session lively and diverse because of varying intensity.
Always use these three ideas and techniques to ensure that you are progressing.
Rest enough and do not train too much.

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