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How To Seek and Attain Abundance In Health, Wealth and Love

Addictions are calling out for a certain something, but the lasting solution rests within the brain being permanently satiated with stimuli that complement not ridicule or demean.
Drunkenness, drugged states, over indulgence in food or sex is a result of the brain not having enough creative food.
Society is calling out for sustenance and for many that food is found in pornography, over indulgence and self-annihilation by not being fulfilled.
We think answers are at our fingertips of materialism to resolve these issues but they are not at our fingertips per se.
To comprehend the damage we are doing requires an understanding of how our bodies function, especially our brains.
In fact, the answers reside within us but unfortunately, because of primitive restrictive behaviours many of us have not found the password and thus believe we are doomed to loneliness.
Throw in misery and other disasters besides flirting with brief relationships on all levels encompassing life and you have a wonderful recipe for mediocrity or disaster even, hmm.
There is an order to everything and because of the limitations imposed on us by teachers with limited beliefs, we are the products of our combined shortfalls; but there is a remedy.
The answers reside not in the pursuit of career success, relationship success or even materialism but actually reside in wisdom and the pursuit of true wisdom found only through God.
Frankly, it is irrelevant what you believe in because you are requested to experiment with possibilities.
The fact you may be skeptical is actually for the better as you will be more objective about the results as they arise.
Monks around the world find peace and it matters not a hoot where on earth they reside or to what country or denomination they are linked with, as true peace is all around and within.
In order to find divine wisdom and thus welcome its abundance throughout all aspects of life you must seek peace, allowing light to permeate through your reasoning by way of a spiritual bond.
To seek to amass abundant wealth without seeking wisdom is akin to putting the cart before the horse.
We are not meant to push wheelbarrows throughout our entire lives but instead to flow from experience to experience rising towards the levels of awareness we have advanced.
Useful tip: 'If you lose your heart when misfortune comes, miserable is your strength.
' Proverbs 24:10 Egypt may teach us a lesson or two at the moment, as they are trying to find justice and fair play for their citizens but the leaders are rather deluded about their own relevance.
This is important in the scheme of things because if leaders are abusing their people then roads are more difficult to navigate because blindness prevents clear decision-making.
Abundance means different things for different people but in reality, it has to mean scarcity.
You see simplicity is the measure of our existence and while it is nice to surround oneself with many things, we do not need them.
Try it for yourself over a period of say a month without purchasing anything beyond basic necessities and you will adjust your views, guaranteed.
By the second week but definitely the third week, your focus will change and you will definitely have a clearer perspective on what you really need or want.
Now you are on the path towards understanding how to seek and attain true abundance.
God bless!

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