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How to Get Your Marriage Annulled in North Carolina

    • 1). Determine your eligibility to apply for an annulment. Under North Carolina Code sections 50 through 51, certain parameters are mentioned where a marriage is considered inherently void, or annulled. Valid grounds for an annulment include bigamy, one or both people are under 16 years of age, impotence and inability to make a rational decision as to being married.

    • 2). Travel to the nearest courthouse and request an annulment of marriage form from the self-help legal office.

    • 3). Fill out the form and file it with the clerk of court.

    • 4). Appear at the scheduled hearing and answer any questions the judge has. The judge will make a decision as to whether your circumstances constituted an illegitimate marriage. If so, the annulment will be granted, and you can legally say you have never been married.

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