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Fine Arts Reproduction: Blending Technology To Deliver Excellent Pieces Of Work

In today's scenario, technology is witnessed in every sector and in every work. It not only enhances the value of the work, but also enables the man to swiftly carry out his work. Even your passion can be dragged to a higher level with the help of advanced technology. If you have passion for painting then you can enhance the value of your hobbies to an upscale level. For instance, if painting interests you then you can take the help of the fine arts reproduction. There are usually seven steps involved to or transfer images or paintings into your oil canvas portrait.

1) Staple them up on your tripod as reference: oil reproductions on canvas can be considered to be the best method to preserve one's precious piece of work. For instance, the self portrait of Norman Rockwell can be set up as the best example of the oil canvas portrait. In this painting, Rockwell is seen painting himself at a frame covered with images of portraits by Van Gogh and Rembrandt. The portrait consists of the reflection of Norman. He is seen watching himself in a mirror.

2) Opaque Projector: It is a kind of machine, which is used in the fine arts reproduction in order to project snaps, drawings, book pages etc. by inducing a bright light onto the snaps from above. A series of prisms, mirrors and lenses are used in order to project the picture onto a canvas. The expert artists then draw outer boundaries of the image on the canvas by using the original image as a guide. Such kind of appendix is usually used by the professional online studios in order to deliver you an identical piece of your favorite artist's work.

3) Camera Lucida: It is kind of lens, which is used on a metal arm that clamps on to the painter's art board. It super imposes a picture on the painter's painting surface. One can then see the reference copy on the drawing surface. The outlines of the object can be easily traced.

4) Mirrors: In this method, a person is made to stand outside a window in full sunlight, facing a mirror from behind the window. The person's image is then reflected in the mirror and the image is then projected inside the dark room and is then transferred onto the oil canvas portrait.

Other techniques which are included in the fine arts reproduction are print, camera obscure and tracing. All these methods are used in delivering an appealing work in the form of oil canvas portrait.

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