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Does Your Business Have The Right Time & Attendance System In Place?

As an employer, you've got to keep an accurate log of the hours your employees work, or else how will you know what to pay them? Most businesses make use of a simple time & attendance system such as sign in sheets, punch clocks, or hand written time sheets that are filled out daily and handed in to the manager at the end of the week to check for accuracy, and then tabulated so that payroll can be processed. If you're a business owner, or have been a manager at some point in your career, you know how much time and energy it takes to double check employee time sheets to verify the hours listed by the employee are accurate, not to mentioned how much effort it takes keeping organized once you start having to track employee days off, sick time, and holiday time.

Does Your Time and & Attendance System Save You Time?

If you've only got one or two employees to worry about, then you're probably still fine using that old excel spreadsheet you created to use as your time & attendance system, but as your business starts to grow, keeping track of employee payroll data will undoubtedly become more time consuming, and wrought with errors caused by a number of issues, ranging from employees having inaccurate or dishonest information on their time sheets, staffing issues caused by inaccurate handling of employee time off data, to maybe even over/under paying your employees. It's not unusual for a business owner to end up spending an entire day just on payroll, wasting a whole day that could have been used to get ahead of the game instead. Finding a time & attendance system provider that tailors a system to meet your company's needs will free up the time and energy you're wasting processing payroll every pay cycle, and get you back to growing your business! What are you waiting for?

Does Your Time & Attendance System Work For You? Or Do You Work for It? Who's the boss here?!

Having the right time & attendance system in place will keep you from becoming mired in the minutia of running your business. If you're spending hours and hours squirreled away in some back room, checking and double checking (and triple checking!) employee time sheets, transferring data from time sheets to your payroll software, and tabulating the hours so that you can run payroll, then your time & attendance system is not working for you. You've got to remember who's the boss here? You are! So you've got to find a time & attendance system that will free you from wasting your time and energy on it. Ideally, you shouldn't have to think about it for more than an hour a week. The technology exists in this day and age that you don't need to be doing any of this manually any more. The right time & attendance provider will be able to collect and organize all of your employees' data into a simple, manageable interface that reduces the time you need to spend organizing everything and double checking it for accuracy, freeing you from hours of mundane, mind numbing, repetitive work . So when selecting the right time & attendance system provider for your business, make sure that it will help free up your time and energy and help make running payroll a breeze! The right time & attendance system will get your mind off processing employee time & attendance data, and back to making more money. That's what it's all about, right?

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