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A Closer Look At Ghaziabad Movie Theatres!

Ghaziabad, the crime capital of India, once infamous for organized crimes and gang wars, is today tagged as the second fastest growing city in the world. Situated on the sidelines of Delhi - U.P. border, the city has developed in an industrial hub within a short span of time. Though Ghaziabad does not spread across a very vast area, yet it homes an agglomeration of varied industries like railway wagon and diesel engine manufacturers, steel pharmaceuticals, tapestries, glassware, pottery, vegetable oil, paint and varnish, heavy chains, automobile pistons and rings. These industries turn Ghaziabad into an industrial center but there is no dearth of exciting places in the city. One can find various places of interests including shopping malls, movie theatres and even city parks.

Ghaziabad movie theatres are designed along the 7 shopping malls spread across the small radius of the city. The multiplex theatres with world class infrastructure and cutting edge technology offers a never before experienced movie watching experience to the local residents and visitors visiting the city. The Ghaziabad movie theatres have an array of luxuries along with outstanding hospitality services to treat their audiences. The city's multiplexes also offer an easy & convenient way to book their movie tickets online. The online ticket booking facility offers vital information regarding the movies like movie timing in Ghaziabad, seating arrangements and availability, movie reviews etc. This kind of information helps the audience decide which movie to watch and which to skip, helping them avoid the 'not-so-good' movies, saving their time and money.

Ghaziabad movie theatres online booking service enables the movie lovers to book the tickets for their favourite show with so much ease and comfort. With developing technology, one can avoid long queues at the ticket counters saving the audience of their time and effort. The movie tickets for any of the Ghaziabad movie theatres can be booked online within the comfort of one's home or office or anywhere you are. The Ghaziabad movie tickets are at your finger tips with just a few clicks.

This year in February, Zila Ghaziabad hit the big screens. Set in the city, the movie depicted the 1980s and early 1990s organized crime and gang wars which influenced the social circumstances of the city during that period.

The city of Ghaziabad has lot more to offer other than various industries and movie theatres.
The luxurious, multipurpose shopping malls offer a variety of merchandise brands to choose and shop. The city's central park is like a paradise to the morning joggers and outdoor activity lovers. No city is complete without a food joint. And Ghaziabad is no exception! There are several restaurants within the 7 shopping malls in the city apart from few stand alone eat-out joints run by some popular food chains of the country.

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