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Will My Absence Make Him Get Butterflies Over Me? Learn If Giving Him Space Is a Good Idea or Not

Only those relationships are successful where both the guy and girl do not act as Siamese twins.
An overdose of each other breeds resentment as you begin to notice small and insignificant inadequacies in each other.
If you want to have a normal and happy relationship then you do need to get away from each other so that he misses you and begins to long for you.
How important you are He needs to get a chance to realize your true position in his life.
When you are away he misses all the small things that you took care of to make his life easy.
When you are there he does not realize your importance.
Take a step back and give him some reason to miss you.
Loneliness If the two of you are living together then he will not like to come back to an empty home.
No matter how much he complained about you being there all the time, the moment you are gone he will begin to miss your presence.
When you are not there with him all he can do is converse with the wall and ceilings.
This is not a very pleasant thing to do.
He will become careless When you go away from him for a while, he will initially love his new found freedom.
However, soon boredom will set in and he will begin to neglect himself.
He will not shave and there will be week old stubble on his face when you return.
It is a clear cut sign that he has been missing you.
Fear of a permanent loss Once you are away he will begin to have ideas and will fear losing you permanently.
This will make him so nervous that he will call you or at least be tempted to call you tens of times during the day.
When you do return he will be thrilled beyond imagination.
Loss of sleep All these days he has been used to having your soft warm body next to his but with you gone there will be no one to take care of his needs when he gets hard in the mornings or when he gets the urge to make love.
Realization of your place in his life Your absence will throw him off balance and it will begin to reflect in his personal and professional life.
He will not be the same person and soon he will realize your importance and your place in his life.
He will now be eagerly waiting for you to return so that his life gets back to normal.
Come home to a better partner Once you do comeback you will not only be warmly welcomed but you will also notice a sea change in his overall behavior.
He will take your relationship seriously and will promise to make amends if he has offended you.

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