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How to Get Rid of a Trojan Virus on a Mac

    • 1). Check for software updates. Go to the Apple icon in the top left of your screen and click on "Software Update." If software updates are available, you will have the opportunity to install them. Take note of whether or not the updates are for security purposes or other programs. You can also check software security updates by going to Apple's security updates page (see Resources). Look through the list for any that pertain to your version of Mac OS X. If you see one you do not already have, install it immediately.

    • 2). Check the "Activity Monitor" in your "Applications" folder to ensure the virus is still running if the security updates did not automatically notify you of the virus in your system.

    • 3). Perform a virus scan on your system if the trojan is still active. You can do this by downloading free software from ClamXav (see Resources) or by purchasing an antivirus software system. Most of the antivirus systems available for Windows, like Norton or McAfee, also have a Mac version. Run the software to isolate the virus and delete it from your hard drive.

    • 4). Enjoy your newly clean operating system. In the future, take care to keep your security software updated and run virus scans every once in a while. Most importantly, stay away from any downloads that are not absolutely necessary to your computer, school work or business.

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