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How To Get A Girl

Money and looks are not an essential or the best way to attract women, amazingly.
However, it does make you present yourself with out lies or pretense.
Presenting the real and best you that is honest, but firm.
Most guys sneak around trying to have sex with women: be a man and be honest with her up front--that's what a man would do.
Stop being spineless and a nice guy.
But be careful here! Present your BEST SELF.
Don't tell here your dark secrets here and scare her.
Well, for most guys and especially for guys that may not be good with women right now, this is a huge problem.
This is a huge problem for men.
We want women; so, let's look at what mistakes we can avoid in the conversation domains.
Don't Be A Loser I've seen this on a million bootcamps, guys talking about loser topics.
I am going to be honest here: -You have a loser job.
-How you think your friends are losers and that they are dumb.
-You suck with women.
-At home still living with mom.
-How much you hate people and that they are stupid.
-Drinking and smoking pot all day is your idea of fun.
-That you're lazy.
-How your last girlfriend cheated on you with your best friend.
Now, a lot of you guys may laugh, but ask yourself this: Is any one of these themes in the stories you tell women? Make sure you do not have any trace of these themes in your stories you tell women.
Do not do it.
Erase them from your head when you are having a conversation with a woman you are attracted to.
The stories are banned from the ears of the women you are interested in.
Have them invested in you first, then tell them.
Be A Man Of Value You may be saying to yourself: what do I talk about.
Talk to a woman about things a man of value would talk about.
Talk to them at this point about your life.
Think about some of these subjects.
-Your traveling adventures.
-A subject you have passion for.
-How much you love your family and friends.
-Talk about all the great friends you have in your life.
-Your passion and ambition in life.
-Anything you've seen in the movies or on TV.
These topics are much preferred and will paint you in a better light.
You want to try to center on that.
If You Want To Succeed With Women Inject Humor And Playfulness While talking about your life, make sure to add some humor.
It's like tease the women while you are talking.
Using naughty banter helps move the interaction forward.
I would sprinkle the playful lines in between topics and the like: -You are such a dork.
-Is she always like this? -I don't know who your boyfriend is but he doesn't spank you enough! -You're giving me impure thoughts.
You're bad! -You dweeb! -I bet you take forever to get ready -You are totally one of those girls that gets intimidated by a guy who knows what they're doing.
If you stay away from the topics loser guys talk about and focus more on topics that are the topics of a man of high value and are playful and fun, you will find that the best way to get a girl is just to talk your way to her heart.
Just do that and the women will be all over you!

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