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Removing Icicles From a Dryer Vent

    • 1). Extend an outdoor power cord from a wall socket to the dryer vent. Keep the cord out of wet areas or areas with ice. Only lay the cord on a dry surface. If possible, run the cord through a window near the dryer vent to prevent the cord from getting wet. If there is standing water near the dryer vent, place a board large enough for you to stand on over the area. It is necessary that you stand on a dry surface.

    • 2). Plug the outdoor power cord into the wall socket. Plug a hair dryer or electric heat gun into the end of the power cord near the dryer vent.

    • 3). Set the hair dryer or heat gun on the medium setting and turn the unit to the “On” position. Hold the end of the gun 6 inches from the dryer vent and icicles. Sweep the end of the gun back and forth over the area until the icicles begin to melt.

    • 4). Tap the icicles lightly with a small hammer or the handle of a screwdriver close to the vent. Do not tap hard as it could cause damage to the dryer vent.

    • 5). Continue heating and tapping until the icicles are off the dryer vent. Turn off the hair dryer or heat gun, and unplug them from the power cord. Unplug the power cord from the wall socket.

    • 6). Dry the vent completely with a clean towel. If you have a louver dryer vent, lift each louver and dry both sides. If you have a vent hood with a circular door on the dryer vent, dry both sides of the door and hood.

    • 7). Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the edges of vent louvers, doors and the hood with a rag. Petroleum jelly does not freeze and sheds water.

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