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What Causes Sugar to Go High?


    • All foods become carbohydrates at some point. Starches that the body can digest easily and quickly, such as potatoes and white rice, cause blood sugar to rise more quickly. Whole grains and other fiber-rich foods slow down digestion and raise blood sugar more slowly. Sugars cause blood sugar to rise as well. Proteins and fats eventually cause blood sugar to rise but do so slowly.


    • Getting moderate exercise is the goal for people who have elevated blood sugar levels. Exercise makes blood sugar decrease, though the exact amount varies with the exercise and its intensity. Decreasing exercise or movement for even a few days can cause elevated blood glucose.

    Injection Site

    • Insulin-dependent diabetics can give themselves shots in the abdomen, arm or buttocks. These sites tend to have excess fat deposits that make the injection hurt less. The concern, however, is the absorption rate for the insulin. Some areas seem to allow for quicker absorption into the bloodstream, and giving a shot in the same spot each time will cause absorption problem. If blood sugar increases even with the appropriate shot, the injection site could be the reason.

    Stress Level

    • Sometimes blood sugar may rise even if one attempts to keep diet and exercise in check and gives himself injections at the same times daily. In those times, stress levels may cause blood glucose level to rise. Though doctors are unsure why, the body releases sugar from the liver in times of high stress. Without other reasons for elevated blood sugar, stress levels may be to blame.

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