Health & Medical Disability

How to Get Disability Pay

    Application Process

    • 1). Contact a Social Security office to ask that an application be taken for disability benefits. If possible, visit the office for this contact as it establishes your physical identification to the case workers.

    • 2). Make an appointment for either an in-office or telephone interview after the application request has been made. Prior to the appointment, gather all necessary information and paperwork that will be required for the interview. If do not have it all at your disposal, your case worker will help you get any paperwork that is missing.

    • 3). Have all required information with you at the time of the appointment. When the interview is completed, that information, as well as the results of the interview, will be sent to a state agency that will evaluate your disability claim and make a decision.

    • 4). Check with the disability examiner assigned to your file. This person will order medical records from all the treatment sources you provided during the interview. These records will help the examiner determine whether you will qualify for disability pay.

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