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List of Lunch and Breakfast Ideas for Children

    Protein Packed Breakfasts

    • Eggs are rich in protein and vitamins E and B12.egg image by poGosha from

      Try adding more protein to your kids' breakfast meals with eggs and soy milk. With just a slice of bread and an egg, you can make a kid-friendly meal called an "egg in the hole" with very little effort. Use a cookie cutter or the open end of a drinking glass to cut a circular medallion from a slice of bread. Lay the bread in a non-stick pan coated with cooking spray, crack an egg into the hole of the bread and heat on medium until cooked. Add a dash of salt to flavor.

      If there's no time for making eggs, add protein and natural sweetness to a bowl of cereal with soy milk. Soy milk comes in plain, vanilla and chocolate flavors and packs in seven grams of protein per serving.

    Pancake Power

    • Let your children fill crepes with fresh berries or bananas and peaches.MW/Stockbyte/Getty Images

      Instead of a stack of heavy pancakes doused in sugary syrup, try making pancakes your kids will finish without the discomfort of feeling too full. Swedish pancakes, or crepes, topped with jam or fruit compote are ideal for a light but satisfying breakfast. Mix equal parts eggs and milk and add flour to reach a thicker, yet pourable consistency. Cook crepes on medium heat until golden brown and top with your children's favorite fruit and a dash of cinnamon and sugar to flavor.

      Puffy pancakes are also a favorite for kids who have grown tired of regular pancakes. Puffy pancakes combine milk, eggs, butter and sugar baked in the oven at a higher temperature. This one-dish pancake takes just minutes to prepare and is lighter than regular, more dense pancakes. You can top these pancakes with anything from fruit and granola to yogurt and nuts.

    Simple Asian Lunches

    • Stock pre-cut vegetables in the fridge for busy days.Martin Poole/Digital Vision/Getty Images

      Your children love noodles, but you want them to love vegetables instead. Create the best of both worlds with rice and snow peas cooked in a microwave or saucepan. Your children will discover the sweetness of snow peas while enjoying the simplicity of rice. You can top this dish with a spoon-full of sweet-and-sour sauce or a splash of soy sauce for flavor enhancement.

      You can also show your children that cream cheese isn't just for bagels. Use a sushi mat to spread sticky rice, cream cheese, avocado and julienne-cut cucumbers over nori, or dried seaweed wrap. Top with fresh shaved ginger and serve with green tea for a convenient lunch with an appreciation for Japanese culture and flavors.

    Noodles With Benefits

    • Add your kid's favorite vegetables to these noodles for a nutritionally balanced lunch.Noodles01 image by Platinum Pictures from

      Remember those noodles you ate in the college dorm room? Turn them into a healthier choice for your children by adding spinach, carrot slices and baby corn. Use only half the flavor packet included with the noodles and you'll substantially reduce sodium levels. Just cook noodles to desired tenderness -- for about three minutes -- and add the vegetables to the boiling broth.

      Buttered egg-noodles are also a favorite for children and you can make them more nutritious when you mix them with frozen fresh green peas and Parmesan cheese. Green peas are rich in vitamins A and C, and the Parmesan cheese adds calcium and Vitamin D. Choose fresh grated Parmesan for optimizing a fresh flavor your kids will enjoy.

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