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There"s No Party Like a Yacht Party

Yes, this is America and my, oh my, how we like to party.
From the weekend pool party to the sophisticated soiree, given any pretense, we're bound to invite some acquaintances and make it a reality.
While the various forms and pretenses abound, what I would like to address is the seeming lack of sophisticated yacht parties.
Yes, the yacht - like Ivy League fashion - has made a rather impractical and successful comeback.
Here is my thesis: any party - especially a well-planned one - can have the same transformative effects as an out-of-body experience.
Now, I'm not talking about ingesting anything other than a couple of well-spaced cocktails - or perhaps a fine, imported beer.
Meaningful transformation, mind you, comes from within, not from without.
I'm a referring to how all the facets that combine to create a cohesive party experience work to transport the party-goer to a different plane of consciousness, sans alcohol or any other substance.
A great party is a combination of great food, great ambiance, and a truly unique setting.
Consider the difference of a soiree hosted at the top of the Empire State Building and one hosted at the local Marriott hotel.
Granted, they can both be fun - but, the soiree in the penthouse of the Empire State Building is sure to have that something extra that makes it a memorable and transformative experience.
Of course, it takes more than just the setting, but if you can mix in great food, great guests, and great conversation, it could very well change peoples' lives.
While reserving the Empire State Building penthouse may be impractical for most, reserving a luxury yacht is surprisingly affordable.
Whether cruising the bay or simply anchored off shore, the yacht promises much.
It promises cozy exclusivity and a multi-tiered platform within which guests can come and go, eat and drink, and take in some of the most breathtaking views of the city, the sky, and the ocean.
Before sending out the call to party, consider hosting it at sea.

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