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Treatment For Hemorrhoids - Get Rid of Severe Itching, Bleeding and Pain and Get Your Life Back

Men and women experience hemorrhoids at least once in their lifetimes.
This is even more true with women.
A hemorrhoid is a digestive system disorder that happens when a person has a burst vein in his anus.
This results to inflammation that balloons and becomes extremely painful and uncomfortable.
There are so many reasons why this condition occurs.
Straining during bowel movement is the most common cause.
Hypertension can also be a likely cause.
People who experiences high blood pressure may suffer from hemorrhoids because of the linkage between the vein in the rectum and the veins that process the flow of blood from the heart.
One of the reasons why women are highly susceptible to this condition is because they sometimes experience constipation as a result of the build-up of water during menstruation.
Studies have found out that this condition usually occurs among middle-aged women going through post menopausal stage.
Hemorrhoids are characterized by bleeding in the anus, itchiness, pain, and extreme discomfort every time a person moves.
Most cases can be treated at home as hemorrhoids usually go away after a few days.
But if it involves some unsightly complications, an appointment with the doctor is in order.
The two types of this condition are external and internal hemorrhoids.
When it is internal, the burst vein is hidden somewhere the rectum canal and is painless most of the time.
You will only know about it when you notice some blood on the tissue paper.
This means you are bleeding inside but you don't feel any pain due to its being hidden.
On the other hand, external hemorrhoids are the worst kind.
You will see them as a protrusion outside your anus, and they can be painful like no other.
The good thing about external hemorrhoids though is that they can be easily treated as it is within your reach.
As mentioned, this condition usually goes away on its own.
But you can speed up the healing process by employing some home remedies and practices.
First, you must make sure the surrounding areas are cleaned up all the time.
Bacteria can spread easily, that's why the anus must be disinfected on a regular basis.
Use a warm, wet towel to clean up your anus.
Put some mild concentration of alcohol on it for disinfection.
Fill up the tub with warm water sprinkled with Epsom salts and soak in it for at least ten minutes.
You can purchase creams, ointments, and pain relievers over the counter.
You will specifically see the term "hemorrhoids" in the label.
Put some after you have cleaned up your anus.
To prevent further occurrence of hemorrhoids, eat foods with plenty of fiber content so that your stool can be easily flushed without you straining too much.

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