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What is Web Hosting and What Type of Web Host Service Do I Need?

This is a service that provides online access to your website.
For 24 hours a day, seven days a week, their computers are connected to the Internet.
They use special computers called servers which store your website and all the files and images that are part of your website.
What does web hosting do? Your web host keeps your website available to people who are online.
When someone types your web address into the address bar of their browser and hits enter, your website appears.
When they hit enter they are making a request for your website.
The browser is what people use to look at things online.
What do they provide? They provide access to a server.
The server is what allows people to have access to your website.
There are several different types of hosting that provide different types of access to a server.
You can think of a server as providing a place with an address for your website.
What types of web hosting is available? There are quite a few different types.
Free web hosting was more popular years ago, these hosts place advertisements on your website to pay for their services.
They also are very limited.
Shared hosting is common for individuals and small businesses.
Your website is on a server with many other sites, hundreds or even thousands of sites.
There are additional services but they cost quite a bit more, and require more technical skills.
What is the difference? Perhaps the easiest way to explain the differences is with an analogy.
Again the biggest difference is the amount of space each type of hosting provides to the customers.
Free hosting would be like sitting on park bench, they place ads on the park bench.
Shared hosting would be like renting an apartment.
Your website has a private space but is sharing that building with others.
This means your website is independent of the others and you have the "apartment manager" take care of maintenance of your building.
You have to maintain your actual apartment.
Many other types of hosting are like renting or buying an office building.
They are designed for big companies.
These provide complete or almost complete access to a building, which costs more.
Some require your own online security and server maintenance.
Some allow owners to rent out space.
One type of service requires the buyer actually visit the server and maintain it physically.
What type should I get? Most individuals and small companies need a shared server.
This provides you with your own space without the high costs.
It also means you have access online without having the upkeep that higher end servers have.
You also do not have to worry about your visitors getting distracted by the ads free web hosts put on your website.

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