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What Do Girls Look For in a Guy? And Where Do Girls Like to Be Kissed?

I have both of these answers to make your life a lot easier when it comes to attracting the opposite sex.
I am going to answer the question - what do girls look for in a guy, then I will explain what girls do when they like a guy.
Finally I will reveal if girls like to be kissed on their neck, and where else girls like to be kissed.
What do girls look for in a guy? Firstly, let us analyze what girls look for in a guy.
The biggest misconception on this topic is the "type" of guy girls are looking for.
They basically want the perfect guy, you know what I mean, great in bed, sensitive, loving and a best friend.
In reality, forget all that! The bottom line is, what women think they want, and what they really want are two completely different things, are you with me? So, what do girls "really" look for in a guy? They basically want a guy that everyone else wants, bottom line! As humans we are compelled by "popular" trends.
This is common in fashion and eating habits.
It is no different with guys.
If you can give the illusion that you are in demand women will want you and you will be fighting to get them off you! What Do Girls Do When They Like a Guy? The biggest giveaway when a girl likes you is her smile.
If she smiles and laughs at anything you say she is subconsciously begging for your attention.
Once you conquer the art of being popular you will get women laughing along with you like a pack of hyenas! Do Girls Like To Be Kissed On The Neck? Where do girls like to be kissed? There are a few areas that most women like to be kissed.
However the true "ladies man" will take the time to find out what satisfies that particular lady.
If you are not sure, you should always try to kiss a ladies neck first.
Most women love the sensation and it makes them feel sexually attracted to you.
Another place is kissing on the inner part of her thigh.
However this is only applicable if you have established a sexual relationship with the girl, are you with me? If you have she will absolutely love you for this approach.

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