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How to Invest in Oil Stock in Brazil

    • 1). Fund your stock brokerage account with the money you want to invest in Brazilian oil stock. If you do not have an account open an online brokerage account. The "Smart Money" 2010 Broker Survey lists Fidelity and E-Trade as the top online brokers.

    • 2). Look up the current share price of Petrobras using the quote screen of your brokerage account. The stock symbol for Petrobras is PBR.

    • 3). Calculate the number of shares to buy by dividing your investment amount by the current share price. ADR shares can only be purchased as whole shares, so round you calculation down to the next whole number.

    • 4). Buy the calculated number of shares of PBR through the stock trading screen of your online broker account. To place an order, you need to enter the stock symbol--PBR--and number of shares. If you make a market order, your purchase price will be available after the trade is completed and will be near the ask price of the bid/ask quote for PBR.

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