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Things to Do With a 100 Gallon Fish Tank

    Herb Garden

    • Turn your empty 100-gallon fish tank into an herb garden for your home. Before growing anything in the tank, ensure it is clean by washing it with soap and water. Then, place the tank outside, as close to the kitchen as possible. You want it convenient enough that you can go outside and get the herbs you need, when you need them. Fill the tank with potting soil and plant your chosen herbs. Water and fertilize as you normally would. Alternatively, instead of placing the tank outside, place it indoors on a tank stand and place a grow light over top.

    Box Light

    • Recreate the concept of a glass block light using the 100-gallon tank. Use a glass etching kit to etch the glass on the tank in any shape and pattern you would like. Or, if you want to skip the designs, frost the entire tank, including the bottom of it. Fill the inside of the tank with five or six strands of Christmas lights. Use colored or white lights. Turn it upside down, leaving the plug for the lights sticking out. Plug the lights in for a unique box light.

    Iguana Home

    • Turn the old fish home into a home for other animals. A large tank, like a 100-gallon tank, makes a god home for large lizards, like iguanas. Fill the tank with sand and plants safe for your new pet, such as philodendron or devil's ivy. Place a wire lid on top of the cage to prevent the iguana from escaping.

    Collection Display

    • The large tank makes a unique stage to display your collections. The large capacity gives you plenty of room to expand on a multitude of items. For example, fill the tank with corks from wines you have tried or bottle caps from beers you have consumed. Another idea is to fill it with rocks you have found throughout the world or matchbooks from hotels where you have stayed.

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