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Insulin Syringe Types

    Single-use Disposable Syringes

    • These syringes can be purchased, pre-loaded with insulin, says the Super Living website. They are available in different doses, needle lengths and needle gauges, depending on your needs. They are intended to be used once then safely disposed of.

    Insulin Pen

    • The insulin pen is popular in most other parts of the world, except the Unites States, where syringes tend to be more popular, says Diabetes Monitor. Pens are so-called because they look like a large pen and use a cartridge instead of a vial to hold the insulin. They still require a disposable needle, but they are tailored for the pens and tend to be short and a small gauge.

    Automatic Injectors

    • This spring-loaded syringe device can help people who are nervous about needles administer their shots, reports The automatic injectors work by sitting over the injection site, around the syringe. A button is then pushed to insert the needle into the skin.

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