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Goose Berry Gifts

    • Give the gift of gooseberry plant.gooseberry image by Alison Bowden from

      A gooseberry plant is a deciduous shrub that bears small fruits that look a little like standard berries or grapes. The fruit's skin can be green, yellow, white, gray, red, pink, black and purple. The shrub can grow about three feet tall and six feet wide, according to California Rare Fruit Growers. Interestingly, the berries on a gooseberry plant usually fall off the shrub once they become overripe, according to California Rare Fruit Growers. Get a friend with a green thumb--or who simply loves gooseberries--a gift related to this unique plant.

    Gooseberry Shrub

    • Buy a gooseberry shrub for a friend who likes to garden and lives in the upper Midwest of the United States, where gooseberry shrubs tend to grow well. You can buy gooseberry shrubs from online growers and local nurseries. Gooseberry shrubs make good additions to home gardens and your friend can harvest the berries to make jams.

    Gooseberry Pie

    • Make a gooseberry pie for a friend who likes berries and currants. To make the pie, follow a recipe from an online recipe website, such as Epicurious. You will need about one quart of green gooseberries, about one cup of white sugar, two tablespoons of unsalted butter, three tablespoons of tapioca (quick-cooking), and a hot-water pastry dough. Try to deliver the pie while it still is warm, along with a quart of vanilla ice cream.

    Gooseberry Jam

    • Buy a jar or two of gooseberry jam for a friend who likes berry jam. You can buy these jams from online vendors or you can attempt to make your own gooseberry jam by following a recipe from Kraft Foods or other recipe. To do the latter, you will need about four cups of ripe gooseberries, a half teaspoon of butter, six cups of sugar and one pouch of CERTO Fruit Pectin, according to the Kraft website.

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