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How Long Does It Take To Ship A Car?

With all the online auction automobile sites like eBay Motors, and growing popularity of the internet, and advancement in image viewing tools and services such as carfax, and escrow.
com, many people are now buying more cars online than ever before.
"The internet is making the world smaller so buyers are now able to view inventory a thousand miles away and make vehicle purchases with confidence" states Steven Nibet, an auto shipping site entrepreneur.
After these vehicle purchases have been made from afar the car now has to get shipped to the new owner.
This leads me to one of the most frequently asked auto transport questions according to Nibet.
"How long will it take for my car to get here"? Like many things that all depends.
Several factors dictate the actual transport times and some are out of auto transporters control including Mother Nature and factors like traffic.
"Typically a smooth transport can take anywhere between 3 to 10 days" says Nibet.
The FMCSA also dictates that drivers have limitations on the amount of time they can drive for safety purposes.
A standard vehicle transported from New York to Florida should take about 3 days as an average time.
Longer distances will take longer times.
Like Boston to LA about 10 days, excluding weather, traffic or mechanical problems.
If you need the vehicle shipped sonner, ask for express auto transport which in most cases if you are paying more, they can expedite the entire pick up and delivery date as well as sometimes guarantee a delivery transport time.
As always get your agreement or in this business called a bill of laden in writing as well as all the agreed upon terms.
That will help ensure a smoother shipping process and confidence paired with other services such as escrow.
com, when your purchasing a vehicle online.

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