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How To Teat ACNE ?

Individual program of treatment of acne will help to find a doctor. However, there are several recommendations that would help in self-struggle with the disease. Of paramount importance is the proper and regular cleaning of the skin. Two or three times a day is necessary to wash, using the gel, tonic, milk or foam. No special instructions dermatologist do not traumatizethe skin m. Also, it is important not to gouge deep blackheads and pimples - it can only do harm: on the skin may be scarred and scarring. Not more than once a week (only in the absence of irritation to the skin!) Can do steam cleaning baths.

Clinical studies have proven that with regular use Zinerita reduction in the number of inflammatory acne is already there in 2 weeks. The composition of the drug is erythromycin, which stops the multiplication of bacteria causing acne, and zinc, which reduces the formulation of the sebaceous gland secretion, and has antiinflammatory effects. Zinerit operates in most of the occurrence of acne.

Zinerit, unlike many other drugs for the treatment of acne, almost no deterioration of the disease at the beginning of the application. It can be applied to people any age, which is particularly important for adolescents. Zinerit allowed for pregnant and lactating women (in consultation with your doctor). The product fits well with the make-up even on a visit: it has to be applied to the skin morning and evening after washing and before applying cosmetics.

In fact, all that is required of the patient - patience. Freedom from acne - a difficult but solvable problem. Regular use of recommended dermatologists drugs, proper nutrition, caring for his own skin - all this in most cases leads to positive results.


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