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How to Repair Or Replace Your Wheelchair

Disabled people who have the manual type wheelchairs usually have no problem receiving a replacement wheelchair.
If something happens to the wheelchair that they are currently using.
The medical insurance will cover the replacement or any repairs needed.
However, if you do not have medical coverage or if you have acquired a power wheel chair or a scooter then you run into problems.
Manual wheelchairs can cost two to three hundred dollars or more depending on what type of chair you need or choose.
If you do not have medical equipment, coverage you will have to pay this out of pocket.
If you have a power chair, or a scooter then the medical companies believe that you no longer need the manual chair and will not fix or replace the manual chairs at all.
You again will have to pay this cost out of your own pocket or do without the manual wheelchair.
It is possible to fix and or replace your manual wheel chair for a little money out of your pocket.
Look around flea markets or put the word out to your friends and family to be on the lookout for old wheel chairs you can use for parts.
When you find one or two for a little money purchase them and then take the parts off them to put onto your manual chair.
The tires and the seats are usually the first things to tear or damaged.
Alternatively, one of the other chairs may be in much better condition than the one you have.
Just use the flea market chair and or make a second good chair from the parts off the others.
This way you will have a spare manual wheelchair.
If you cannot find any used chairs the simply call one of the medical equipment companies.
Find out how much the part will cost you for your manual chair.
It should not be too costly and you can fix it or have a friend or family member repair the chair for you once you receive the part.
This is less costly than having the equipment company to fix it for you.
Surely, a friend or family member will be glad to repair the chair for you.
Please remember that even if you do have a power chair or a scooter you should still try to use the manual wheelchair as much as possible unless your doctor says other wise.
The manual chair will keep your arms and even legs stronger longer than depending upon the power chair completely.

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