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4 Great Ideas For New Moon Party Favors

This November the anticipated sequel to Twilight, New Moon will be out in theaters and many fans will be planning New Moon parties for birthdays, Halloween, parties, and even release parties in anticipation of the movie.
If you are a parent not in the know, New Moon tells the story of the next chapter of the relationship between Bella Swan and her immortal vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen.
When a birthday goes dangerously wrong Edward becomes all the more convinced that Bella is no longer safe in his world and abruptly ends their relationship.
However, even though Edward leaves, the supernatural still finds Bella in the form of her childhood friend Jacob Black who has some surprising secrets of his own.
Different fans will have different interpretations of what constitutes such a party and will try to make their event one of a kind.
One way to do so is with unique and innovative New Moon Twilight party favors.
These are party favors made especially for the release of New Moon and have limited edition designs.
Here are some of the new items coming out this fall.
With winter coming on many people will be plagued with chapped lips.
A great favor to give guests is New Moon and Twilight themed lip balm.
The lip balm comes in special edition tins that have pictures of the cast of New Moon in Character and from key scenes in the movie.
This is sure to be a big hit at any Twilight themed party especially with female fans who love to collect Twilight swag.
It also is something useful so even guys won't immediately toss the favor away.
Another great item is Twilight favor purses.
It is likely that you are probably going to give more than one party favor to your guests so it will be a good idea to give them something that they can hold them in.
Twilight favor purses are great because they are small enough to easily carry around at a party and big enough to hold a decent amount of items that you give to guests.
The purses not only come with great Twilight and New Moon themed decals, but also are made of durable plastic making them a better investment than buying paper gift bags.
The best part is they are also friendly on the budget.
Since Halloween is around the corner it makes sense to have some sweet chocolate and candy Twilight favors.
For the most party you should be able to find some in your local grocery store as part of promotions for the movies.
If you can't find what you are looking for at the store you can find unique options on the web.
There are plenty of shaped chocolates and personalized candies that will put a sweet and original spin on your New Moon party.
You can also go with original recipes such as fake edible blood or werewolf kibble.
These will be great treats for attendees to take home with them.
A really popular favor this year is candles.
You can give guests interesting New Moon themed votive candles.
These candles like other favors mentioned have pictures of characters from the movie and will definitely be sought after collectors' items at your event.
This just one of many themed party favors that you will be able to find on the internet.

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